HAWAII. By: Jack Coleman

The island paradise with perfect climates and beautiful blue water was on my, TO-DO list for this surf film from the beginning. It has been 3 years that Alex Knost had been coming to Hawaii in the winter, and I knew this was the year I was finally going to go there and film with him. I have always had this vision in my head of Alex charging big waves in Hawaii, a far cry from most of what people think when you see Alex surf. I wanted to crush that thought, you know, “Alex is a long boarder that only rides small waves”. Alex and I spent 10 days on the North Shore keeping a low profile while trying to snag some waves without crowds and angry locals. We accomplished that, as best we could, with early spot checks and full assessments of winds and tides. Of course, with a little luck we got some great waves. Off The Wall turns out being Alex’s spot of choice to surf, and my camera was there for the whole party. Big Al is all grown up now, and charging some serious waves in the film.

Hawaii, what a wonderful place. This was my first surfing film trip to the islands, and it occurred around the last part of January, right into the beginning of February. Alex and I spent 10 days on the North Shore, staying at 2 different places during that time and traveling to Maui for a day trip. Ive put together some shots from the trip to show you how we got it done shooting during the filming.

This is at the shanty house near log cabins, the second place we stayed at. Alex took the minimal room. I wasnt surprised. He even gave me the master cause he liked the feel of the room, it reminded him of home.This is the Pupokea backyard walk down to the wave right out front. This is where we stayed for the first 5 days. It was nice to wake up and look at the ocean.

HEre is ALex at Off The Wall. I got these digital photos on accident. I just wanted to shoot a few waves and Alex had already got out the back. After i knew i was shooting stills of Alex I immediately was freaking out, like shit, i missed a wave. But, not to worry, he just dropped in and kicked out the back. That was THE last wave i missed of Alex without motion film.HEre’s Mikala and Daniel Jones sussing out ALex’s broken stick in the family backyard, which happens to be overlooking RockyPoint.Knost N I hiked up to the top of the island overlooking most of the 7 mile miracle. A bit of a rain squall hit when we were on top, so our treck down was a bit more slippery and treacherous then we bargained for. We had no shoes, so the use of the ropes along the path were necessary on the way down.Knost on the back deck playing guitar on Mark Matinson’s Pupokea house.

The Pupokea path to the beach. This is what we woke up to each of the first 5 days.Rain is abundant on the islands. Meaning, there are lots of rainbows. Its the rainbow state for a reason.Thomas Bros. bonzer Knost rode.looking out from Mark’s living room to Pupokea.Our second home.Knost heading out into the unknown.Russo took us to what we called “secret 70s beach” on the south end of the NorthSHore. Heres Alex getting his boards outta the car, and meeting with one of the campbell BrosFuller N knost checking it. photographer Daniel Russo took us on some adventures, showing us some real low profile spots that only locals knew of. He’s a rad dude and a great water photog.When we first arrived to our new place, pic below shows our kitchen setup.after witnessing what seemed like, 6-7 different people all with “DESIGNER DREADLOcks” I decided that my hair had to go, Alex was in favor of this. So we went to Foodland and got some scissors- It was a 10 minute operation- cutting free of a stereotype and freeing myself from lots of sunbleached dreadlocks all at the same is the last known shot of me with my long hairs, it was taken by Knost, after i jumped in the water at Vland on my way back to camp.

This guy kept perving on those girls. It was hilarious. I kept watching him get any glance he could, totally perving out and taking pictures of their behinds. So i was behind him taking shots of him, shooting them. It was fun, after a bit he figured out i was on to him, so then had to subdue his visual involvement to a bit more of a whimper.Knost was taking some beatings. Retrieving his board, checking his injuries (a bad groin tear most of the trip) sussing it out, then getting back out there. Warrior status.Knost in Maui looking a bit like Mogly from JungleBook.Looking towards rockpiles from OTW. Love the colors:)

Burch was on the NOrth Shore when we were there. One day we tried to film Rocky point but the waves just werent doing it, so my Ryan surfing Hawaii dreams were shattered. But it was fun still, we got a chance to get dinner that night in town, and then Ryan was off.

Alex slept in this outdoor bed for our entire stay @ Pupokea. Mosquito’s seem to attack me way more than Al, so he took the outdoor bed. Alex did run into a little bit of mossy bites though, me, i woulda probably gotten it twice as bad. You could hear the thunderous surf that only broke a few hundred yards from where he lay.Sunset Beach sunset.this is ZakNoyle and Danny Fuller @ the Oakley house. Danny took out his super8 all stoked i was there to show it to me. He is a closet super8 lover, and thats cool to me:) Waves were turning on. I was trippin on the amazing colors, light, and the overall pure scale of everything.Backyard to our shanty house setup at Logs. We’re getting things packed right here to go to Maui.such a memorable trip, here is us on our way home in the airport. Also, wanted to thank Knosty and RVCA for stepping up and helping me be able to make this part of the film.the drive to the airport. We burned Jeannie Martinson’s dried up xmas tree on the beach one night to some beers, wine, and bbq @ the Pupokea house.

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