BroWn Microwave Television – Al Knost Surfboards

Finally got a chance to see Mr. Knost in action shaping his new boards that i keep seeing, as well as, riding.HEre is 5 poloroids that i got this morning as Al gets new boards ready for numerous projects and people. HTe top 2 are 4x5s and the bottom 3 are 5 year old 600 poloroids with the white peeled off.

Must admit his boards are getting better and this one in particular was one of the first that was under 6 foot according to ALex. Also shot some super8 for our project before he heads off to Auz and Japan.

Brown Microwave Television is what he is naming his surfboards, that crazy Al. All the logos and laminates are 2 color double rainbows, they look super sweet and super minimal. nice! Sure within 5 years he will be killing it with his designs and shaping shred sticks as well as sick traditional planks that are gonna be huge collector items.

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