Just got home from a 3 week trip film trip to INDONESIA couple weeks back, just gettiNg arouNd to postiNg images from it. We had a blast with a tight crew coNsistiNg of lifeloNg frieNds -RyaN Burch, Derrick DisNey, Chris Cravey, & Eric SNortum aloNg with myself. We weNt iNto the juNgles of Java & theN speNt a week oN the ultra spiritual islaNd of Bali. We had waves the whole time & by the eNd of the trip were surfed out with toNs of laughs iN betweeN. Got a few rolls back from the trip waNted to share a few i seNt to the boys.

 Happy Birthday Java style DiNNer times were fuN  FouNd this auzzie kid Named DaNiel he looked ideNtical to RyaN, it was hilarious Ozzie had aN art show iN CaNguu, was aN icoNic Night we raged  RyaN took us to his favorite sushi joiNt iN Bali Off the the PadaNg coNtest for the RIP CURL eveNt, it Never raN weapoNs RyaN & Eric preteNdiNg they smoke cloves  Java times  temptiNg, we jumped at the chaNce Got a coupla days with ozzie, he was rippiNg til he broke his favorite board  our Bali accomb  leaviNg Java  1st day iN Java StaNdard accom from the tower dodgiNg moNkeys Speedies

88 East Coast USA

BuNch of New 88 coNteNt hit the web. They did a little trip to the East Coast of USA, a uNique destiNatioN seemed a perfect fit for aN adveNture:) Rockaway Beach, MoNtauk, they all got hit with the bug, Lie KNeel Sit StaNd has hit the East Coast. ENjoy!


David Lee Scales is aN iNdepeNdaNt surf faN who started up Surf SpleNdor, a fuN little podcast coveriNg all thiNgs surf. Hes obsessed with surfiNg aNd i caN relate, so i agreed to do the iNterview. We chat about my process of filmmakiNg & a buNch of stuff iN betweeN. FOLLOW THE LINK TO CHECK ER OUT

Coupla screeNies from my latest activities behiNd the leNse. BeeN gettiN some Burch GLIDER footage comiNg out with a short Next week, ill keep you posted oN that.

FilmiN for the New movie with Asher Pacey last week somewhere iN Mexico!!

HeNdo slipped iN oN the trip aNd we got some amaziNg 88 footage for aN upcomiNg miNi movie for the braNd:)

The trippy souNd of VAPORWAVE explaiNed:)

FORD LagtowN

Ford Archbold is a really close frieNd of miNe, hes beeN gettiNg back iNto surfiNg past few moNths after a bit of a hiatus from lack of swell this past wiNter. Got so pumped wheN he told me hes back at it aNd jumped at the opportuNity to shoot with him! Ford Now lives iN LaguNa Beach so this is arouNd his home, some fuN swell hit a few weeks back & we were oN it. Just love seeiN Ford rippiNg arouNd LagtowN such a fuN couple days of summer:)

SOFT REV! 3.7-3.8

Oh America. My home couNtry. It was arouNd the 4th of July weekeNd wheN the BillaboNg team reNted a house here iN Newport. Creed & ChuN were here shootiNg for the compaNy aNd Needed a SOFT iNterveNtioN after average waves for about a week. I met up with em aNd brought a couple boards, surfed out froNt the reNtal house & the rest is SOFT history. WheN Auzzies come to Merica thiNgs get iNterestiNg:)

My buddy ChristiaN is a great topper, hes beeN iN the game for years supplemeNtiNg hardboardiNg with a dash of SOFT. This is a couple sessioNs about a year apart shot at a secret locatioN somewhere iN Newport Beach. DamN, as well, he is a spittiNg image of my mate Ari BrowNe so played off of that a bit at the eNd of the short. ENjoy & stay soft:)

88 surfboards – Kia ora

Kia ora is a Māori language greeting which has entered New Zealand English. It means, literally, have life be well/healthy and is translated as an informal hi at the Māori Language Commission website Kōrero Māori. It is also used as a farewell and expression of thanks.

This was a 11 day trip to the LaNd of the LoNg White Cloud. We trecked across the North IslaNd from RaglaN to the East Coast where we met up with the OrmoNds who have growN up there their whole lives:) Got to stay oN there farm & they showed us arouNd, it was quite relaxiNg with a surf first kiNda meNtality to it. NaNda is quite the charactor keepiNg us laughiNg the whole time, while RaNgis sweet demeaNor was the perfect offset to NaNdas humor. It was Liam GibNey, Harry HeNdo N I. Ari BrowNe happeNed to be there as well with ALL THE BOYS oN a seperate trip, so we gotta surf with him a couple days. This was our first full SOFT trip ever so it was a Nice chaNge from the Norm. FiNdiNg fuN SOFT waves is WAYYYYY easier thaN chasiNg arouNd proper hardboard waves:) Hope you eNjoy the edit & iNspires you to throw a softy iN your coffiN oN ur Next trip!!

Couple 35mm shots from da trip, these are arouNd the RAGLAN regioN:)

HEres some digis : ) Mostly oN the East Coast.

 SARA & GuaraNga RAGYS  OUr vaN.  The Vouch surf team was out there, we camped together a couple Nights.  The OrmoNd Farm we stayed oN iN WhaNgamata. packiNg for the trip iN ByroN Bay  RaNgi gettN the shot.  RaNgi at home. ALL THE BOYS aka Krooky – cookie – the rook

3 weekery

Im headed out to iNDONESIA iN a couple days for a 3 week film trip! Pretty excited havNt beeN there iN like 5 years so it’ll be refreshiNg to have a chaNge of pace filmiN for the Next movie:) Probably woNt be postiNg while im goNe out iN the middle of a juNgle oN the EasterN side of the islaNds regioN, hiNt hiNt. Got some amaziNg surfers oN the trip, doNt waNNa spill the beaNs, but lets just say couple of em from ENCINITAS, aNd 1 from East Coast of Australia, who happeNs to ride the boards shaped by the ENciNitas guy:) Okay shit yah got me, Burch, Bryce, N Diz & a couple their frieNds are the taleNt – aNd ill just say were headed to a SUPER icoNic locatioN – Wish us luck – aNd eNjoy the Next 3 weeks with hopefully lots of swell eNergy arouNd the plaNet!!  jack

Fairly Normal – DaNe ReyNolds

Always love wheN aN edit comes out of DaNe, this oNe iN particular has a real curreNt feel to it. My frieNd Michael Cukr shot this & edited it, so i really took a likiNg to it. Super persoNal aNd really gives you a feel for how DaNe speNds his days Now with his New family. Bravo WHAT Youth for such a touchiNg piece, really dug it:)


MaN what a day VISSLA did a fuN recap of the festivities held dowN at Salt Creek Beach iN DaNa poiNt CaliforNia. It was a 2 day eveNt that featured the ridiNg of viNtage craft maiNly built iN the 70s & 80s. Before your heat a divisioN was choseN either siNgle fiN or twiNNy, theN you had to pick which board you’d ride iN ur heat. Super fuN & uNlike aNy other coNtest out there:)

I had the pleasure of surfiNg iN the eveNt as well as shootiNg it, did some water stuff, Super 8, & laNd shots for a full effect of stoke! It was so much fuN iN the suN, that by the eNd of the weekeNd i was toasty with smiles! Highlight for me was gettiNg to meet Mark CuNNINgham who hosted aN expressioN sessioN bodywomp heat. Some of my favorite surf heros were dowN there iNcludiNg, Rob Machado, KalaNi Robb, HaNs HageN, Thomas Campbell, Paul Naude, Tyler WarreN, Rosie Hodge, Derrick DisNey, Travis ReyNolds, DaNNy Hess, Blair CoNkliN, West Adler, Pat OcoNNell, & all the Nutbags whom made the eveNt legeNdary!! Check the short i made aNd follow the above liNk for more detes:)

Couple images from the eveNt shot by myself, JasoN & Paul Naude, KeNNy Hurtado, Roly Gomez, & Noah McPhearsoN!

See you Next year Cosmic ChildreN!!!


Well with summer iN full POP – this short is just iN time to make everyoNe ask themselves, “am I caught iN the MATRIX?” Soft top surfiNg is all about fun, but sometimes I shoot thrusters for fuN, go figure, hey, its all surfiNg! Had some old footage of the top pros out at lowers & JBay, so it was fuN to throw guys like JOHN JOHN, Kelly, Wilko, Bruce, & The SpartaN iN the short – They truly are the gate-keepers into the MATRIX. We the “RE-EVOLUTION” are not asking you to remove a board from your quiver, but, only to add one to your quiver : ) This is our philosophy . . . . . Get unplugged from THE MATRIX and watch your happiness grow > > > > > > > > CHOOSE SOFTLY

Waves kept comiNg for days aNd days aNd days, I happeNed to be ruNNiNg up & dowN the North OraNge couNty coastliNe, shootiN N surfiN aloNg the way. I was fortuNate eNough to have a few frieNds who were keeN to get a couple clips of me iN my happy place  : ) Those shooters are Toby, KeNCHi, GiovaNNi, Jeffrey, & Nico!! ThaNks guys for gettiNg some fuN holographic images, its always fuN to jump iN froNt of the camera after shootiNg all day:) Also, thaNx GOODIE for gettN us a daypass for the BAY . . . . . . .

To top it all off, I was so stoked to have one of my favorite people – FORD ARCHBOLD – as a co-pilot oN this spaceship Revisode : ) Always so fuN to softtop with, aNd has the best approach oN a top ever!! Also, thaNk YOU 88surfboards for all the froth & boards you gave me for this season, damN thiNgs are bulletproof, testiNg them iN some pretty pouNdy stuff over the past year !! Soft SurfiNg SHOT IN LAGUNA & NEWPORT Beach, COOLIFORNIA.

Stay soft everyoNe, No oNe likes a hard-ass.