Wow. Im Not really the biggest cold weather guy, i actually prefer bikiNis, cocoNuts, aNd warm water. But this project put out by SURFER mag & Chris Burkart features Nutbags Alex Gray, Peter Devries, & Josh MulCoy. Its aN adveNture to the deepest reaches of the AluetiaN IslaNd chaiN off of the coast of Alaska. Really Nice short that was put together Nicely. I could Never imagiNe packiNg my bags for Alaska, Nor will it ever happeN, but hats off to these guys for scoriNg some amaziNg footage of some crazy beautiful waves.


WheN it raiNs it pours! BeeN workiN oN this oNe with oNe of the origiNal soft toppers from arouNd here Big Joe HuebNer. He’s a close frieNd of miNe who has always beeN a supporter of the RevolutioN. Further more, he just rips. So fuN to surf with him arouNd towN here. The whole revisode was shot iN Newport Beach. So fuN to show that its Not all about beiNg a ripper, its about haviN fuN, No matter what size or shape you are:) ENjoy the fruits of our labor, ep. 3.4 yew!!


fish people

Wow, Keith Malloy is at it agaiN. This oNe looks so fkN amaziNg!! Love the womp, love the oceaN, love the Malloy’s!! Patagucci is about to come out with aNother smoker for all of us to eNjoy. Heres the trailer for the “FISHPEOPLE”!!

Yeah Keith!! Ur a legeNd : ) We all Need to thaNk him for his films, they are like gifts to all of us who play iN the sea.

Just love the Malloy Brothers check this.


JobiN is oNe of my favorite youNg kids that lives iN my zoNe. Hes such a solid, hoNest, sweet guy who just so happeNs to love surfiNg as much as I do. BeeN hittiN it rouNd towN lately surfiN together, shootiN occassioNally, aNd just haNgiN out gettiN to kNow eachother. WheN i asked him if he’d jump oN a softy he, without hesitatioN, took to it like a spoNge. Great surfer, humble guy, aNd thoughtful humaN. ENjoy JobiN STYLE! THANK YOU 88 surfboards for the uNbelievably iNsaNe, iNdestructable boards : )

couple framies from da shootz

MEMORIAL DAY #RESPECT – to all those who have giveN their lives for our freedom.


IVe become quite eNtrigued with all thiNgs NOT staNdiNg up iN surfiNg. THese 2 subjects apply to my curreNt philosophy of “STAND UP SURFING IS *%ME”.

the kiNg iN slow mo

rasta maN vibratioN yahhh


bluepriNt for shortboard surfiNg

Lil KNeelo doesNt hurt No oNe – get iNto it !!

RIP JohN SeversoN

A true IcoN of the sport of SurfiNg JohN SeversoN has passed away at the age of 83. 1933-2017. JohN is oNe of my favorite surf film makers ever & his life was full & magical. To that i say, legeNds Never die. He will live forever through his MagaziNe, photos, paiNtiNgs, aNd films !! I waNNa celebrate his amaziNg life aNd pay homage to how maNy he has iNspired. / RIP JS / you are deeply loved by maNy iN the tribe.

via ENcyclopedia of surfiNg:

Seminal surf world writer, editor, publisher, photographer, filmmaker, and artist from San Clemente, California; best known as the founder in 1960 ofSurfer magazine. “Before John Severson,” surf journalist Sam George wrote in 1999, “there was no ‘surf media,’ no ‘surf industry’ and no ‘surf culture’—at least not in the way we understand it today.”

My favorite of his films. Pacific VibratioNs 1969

THE FOUNDER OF SURFER. A lifetime of achievmeNt ceremoNy : )

Summa tyme

Well SUMMER officially kicks off right Now iN CaliforNia!! Have a great Memorial Weekend all my fellow MericaNs!! ThaNk you all the AmericaN soldiers whom gave up their lives for out couNtry. Oh yeah, aNd HaNseN surfboards for puttiNg together this lovely piece!



camper / trailer racing = more comedy

TTops – fire it up

Holy crap, this video was doNe by my good frieNd Scott MoNtoya. It is a parady about a baNd that Never really existed, THE TTOPS. It stars my other good buddies, Ford Archbold & Matt Taylor. Thought it was worth a share, quite hilarious, a bit loNg, but worth the time if yah got it. FIRE IT UP!!!

88 Surfboards

Well, its Not always work work work wheN i go to auz. SOmetimes the waves areNt worthy of shootiNg, thats wheN i get to surf!! Made it iNto a couple New edits from the 88 boys- stoked to get iN froNt of the leNse!! Brodie has become quite the filmer/editor siNce i left, his shorts are very distiNctive aNd autheNtic to the max – Check a few of em out!

I shot this oNe here iN Cali, edited by Brodie!!

Couple images from last moNth I shot iN auz wit da 88 boyzzzzzzzzzz!!  HH Brodie N I. THE softspace TEAM.

IVe always eNjoyed puttiNg 2 images Next to eachother – kept it goiNg for this ruN of fotos as well. Nice to have a laNdscape Next to a portrait:)RyaNHeywood is a huge part of the success of the braNd as well. Yeah SCRUNNO~